Decorology Boutique your number one source for all things for home Decor. We're dedicated to giving you the best of home decor, with our focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness. Our mission is to bring fun, unique pieces of home decor into your life, to decorate your home with a little bit of love and style that you love.

Meet the Owners: 

Owner: Caylee

“We want to bring all of your needs and styles; all your decor needs into one location,” finding the perfect combination of items has been a long-time love of hers, and especially came into focus while decorating her own home.
“I’ve always loved, and had the passion, to decorate homes,”
With encouragement and support from Nick Stewart (Business Partner), and other family, Maley decided to take the steps to turn her love into a business, opening her boutique at 3125 Pennsylvania Ave.
Decorology offers a variety of decor to meet any style or theme, and if she doesn’t have a particular item at her store, she will do what she can to find it for her customers.
“If they’re looking for a certain style or item, I’ll work to get it for them,” Decrology also offers interior design and home staging and home organization services, seasonal and holiday items, as well as candles and pet-related items.


Co- Owner : Nicholas Stewart

Nicholas Stewart has all the skills when it comes to re-modeling services, Construction, and has the eyes and skills to vision anything when it comes to remodeling any home of yours to make it your dream home. You will see him at the store and at the register on certain days and times of the week, He is a huge part of Decorology Boutique.